Brew Moon Brewpub - Boston

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One of the three Brew Moon establishments in the Boston vicinity, the interior design follows the trend of the others by being well-lit, using light colors and highly-textured walls. From the light wood bar the stainless steel 18 BBL J.V. Northwest brewing system is clearly visible. One TV stood above the bar in the lounge area that featured a dozen tables while another five dozen tables made up the dining area. The glass exterior windows allowed for easy viewing of the downtown street scene.

The Orion's Red Ale was a clear red color with a malty, smoky flavor. The Mayberry Wheat RFD was a hazy gold with a fruity aroma, medium raspberry flavor matched to a medium body. The Eclipse Extra Stout offered a coffee-like aroma accompanied by a medium body, chocolaty flavor and subtle roasted character. The Grasshopper IPA was a hazy amber color with a flavor balanced toward the hops but with an accompanying malt presence. The Brewmaster's Special at the time was the Munich Gold, clear gold in color, it had a distracting aroma along with its medium-bodied light malty flavor. The Boston Special Reserve appeared a clear golden color with a creamy mouthfeel, nice smooth body, and even flavor balance with a great malt component.

Like the other Brew Moon locations and other Boston-area brewpubs, the common characteristic in the brews was the emphasis on "clean". It seems that the rough edges on beers from the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest are not desirable in this part of the country. With four taps pouring eight beers in a relaxed environment the mostly male crowd kept the place busy.

Brew Moon
115 Stuart
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996.

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