Brew Moon Brewpub - Cambridge

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The third of the Brew Moon locations in the Boston area, this one featured an incredible three-story indoor atrium. The interior light wood design was well-lit from both the electric lights and the glass roof. The view from the bar area was dominated by the five tall stainless steel tanks spanning floors behind the bar. The 15 BBL Pub Brewing system handles lager yeast well for the German-style lagers and ale yeasts for the rest. The layout offered split levels with the bar and tables on the upper level and dozens of dining tables on the lower level. From one end of the dining area the brewhouse is clearly visible but the brewpub's location deep in this city block precluded any street view. All around, patrons are surrounded by the hallmark 3-D textured walls of the Brew Moons. Two TVs face out from the bar that contains three towers of eight taps each. The mill room also occupied a place behind the bar. The menu offered Burgers, Salads, Ribs, Wines, and Cappuccinos. Smoking was allowed but the high ceiling provided some relief.

The Rosin Dubh was a clear brown color with a clean malty flavor, and very dry finish. This Dunkel Lager-style was very nice. The Eclipse Extra Stout yielded a chocolate and roasted aroma with a light body, chocolaty/roasted malt flavor and aftertaste. The Boston Special Reserve was a clear gold color with a light hoppy aroma, medium body, and yeasty/hoppy flavor. The Rogan Alt appeared a clear dark amber with a subtle hop aroma, crisp malt flavor, and short rye aftertaste. The Chamonile Honey Wheat was a hazy gold with a clove aroma, tart flavor, and honey sweet aftertaste.

Management's attention to detail paid off in the very clean beers presented. German-style brews even get special water treatment. The weekend crowd was split by gender roughly 50/50 and the first Brewer's Dinner hosted by the General Manager and Head Chef was very popular. A sampler platter of five four-ounce tastes costs $5.50 and offers a good way to get acquainted with the beer selection. The flavorful beers and the impressive interior makes the effort of finding this Brew Moon worthwhile.

Brew Moon
50 Church Street - Harvard Square
[HP symbol] Cambridge, Massachusetts

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996.

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