Oregon Brewers Festival- 1994

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Once again the weather was perfect for the Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland, Oregon. Each brewery had only one beer available and I noticed very few representatives from the breweries present in the crowd which totaled over 50,000 for the weekend. This year's event offered more space, more people and double-sized tastes (12 oz.) for those so inclined. Maybe due to lessons learned the previous year, light and medium-bodied beers dominated the field. The organization, layout, exhibits, food, music, and of course the beer, made the festival a great success and did much to heighten the public's awareness of and appreciation for quality beer.

Some notables included the Red Ale from Flagship Brewing in Seattle, deep amber in color, light-bodied from the 20% wheat, and with a nice hoppy flavor. From Steelhead Brewery & Café was Bombay Bomber, pale straw in color, the hops came through in the aroma, flavor and aftertaste. The Sigda's Green Chili Beer from Coopersmith's was a popular specialty beer. Its light head and straw color offered no warning for the intense green chile flavor and aftertaste to come.

The ideal location at Waterfront Park along the banks of the Willamette in downtown Portland makes it no wonder that this is the largest attended beer event in the country. Unlike events in other states where "beer police", rowdies, and uniformed officers distract from the festive mood, the Oregon Brewers Festival continues to be the perfect place to relax with friends and family and enjoy some of the best flavors in beer in North America.

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1994

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