O'Ryans Brewery & Tavern


The first impression is a bit halting, a corner location in one of Las Cruces, New Mexico's larger shopping malls. Overcoming the hesitation and entering the brewpub one finds a large central bar area surrounded by tables, a dart board, a sunken dining area, and a glass walled brewhouse. The full liquor bar was a bit smoky and only about half of the patrons were taking advantage of the craftbrewed selection. The Red Dog Pale Ale, now legally known as Atomic Dog, was a hazy gold color with a light hop aroma and nice strong hop flavor. The spec sheet proclaimed a serious 55 IBUs, 1057 Original Gravity and 5.2% alcohol by volume (abv). The Apricot Honey had a strong apricot aroma, light golden color, light body and a strong apricot flavor. The Oro Grande Wheat was a hazy gold with a creamy head and a flavor that started hoppy and carbonated, and finished sweeter with a slightly DMS-like character. The award-winning Dog Spit Stout was opaque as expected and produced a creamy head with a full-bodied, chocolately flavor. New in the distribution channels was the Golden Raspberry. Appearing a clear light straw color, the well-carbonated liquid exuded an intense raspberry aroma and was accompanied by a medium sweet raspberry flavor that did not dominate the overall flavor profile

Although the six taps of local microbrew at first seem attractive and accommodating, keep in mind that this crowd once demanded that Coors Light be re-established with its own tap handle after it was removed for a more full-flavored beer. Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 PM enjoy the normal $2.95 pints for $1.75.

O'Ryans Brewery & Tavern
700 S. Telshor Blvd.
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - June, 1995

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