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Just a few minutes from downtown Charlotte, North Carolina stands Southend Brewery & Smokehouse. The large tan stucco two-story building is connected to a trolley facility at the rear and a large grain silo adorns the front lawn. Also in front, lies an outdoor patio, often with standing room only crowds. The limited "bar" menu included pizza (smoked and BBQ), salads, starters, and sandwiches. Inside, the dining area occupies one half of the well-lit, expansive open room with dozens of tablecloth-covered tables and a small wooden bar. The glass-walled brewhouse (7 bbl?) sits in the center of the building with the copper vessels shining prominently and the stainless steel fermenters positioned behind them. The second floor loft contains kegs, stacked sacks of grain (Munton & Fison, Dewolf-Cosyns, and Briess) along with a few pinball and video games. Also present at the top of the long flight of stairs are a pair of restrooms marked wheelchair accessible! Just inside from the patio lies the second bar, backed by a full liquor selection. This dark wood structure is topped by two 6-tap towers and surrounded by a dozen wooden tables and a half-dozen tall tables with stools. The high ceiling holds up fans and painted ventilation ducts while the outside walls contain large windows that brighten the whole interior. Two large-screen TVs are perched in the corners and a stage lies in another. Live music is available seven nights a week.

Howie's Wheaties Ale was a golden color, medium-bodied, with an even flavor balance. The wheat flavor was accompanied by subtle hops and finished very clean. The Chocolate was a clear dark brown color with a light chocolately flavor and dry finish. The Friar Tuck's Oatmeal Stout was opaque with a medium body, an even balance and a smooth chocolately flavor and aftertaste. The Bombay Pale Ale was a dark gold color, well-carbonated, with a light body and slight hoppy flavor and aftertaste. The Carolina Blonde was a deep golden color with a nice mouthfeel and smooth malt/hop flavor. The Scarlet Ale appeared a bright ruby color, offered a medium body and a malty sweet flavor and aftertaste.

Southend Brewery & Smokehouse
2100 South Blvd.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - July, 1996

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