Tivoli Brewery

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Located only a few blocks from the downtown Denver location of the Great American Beer Festival, the massive red brick building dominates the landscape and with the name Tivoli visible from a quarter miles away there is little doubt as to which landmark this is. It seemed like good fortune that their grand opening weekend coincided with the 1996 GABF but this business was off to a rough start. Just finding the brewpub inside the Tivoli Building was enough of a challenge. One main entrance led to the Boiler Room Bar. With 36 taps, a full liquor selection and a U-shaped bar without stools, the place seemed accommodating enough. The brick interior spanned two floors where TVs, beer posters and empty classic beer bottles lined the walls. The glass "yards" seemed popular with crowd. A brief discussion with the bartender revealed this bar was not affiliated with the brewpub located through the indoor labyrinth. The decor of the actual brewpub proved disappointing; a "cellar" atmosphere where the rectangular bar featured two six-tap stainless steel towers under a ten foot ceiling and a half dozen booths ringing the small room. While the rock-n-roll bands made their presence well-known from the nearby stage the college-age crowd filled the small dance floor. Unfortunately, the lack of ventilation combined with the twenty-something chain-smokers created an environment impossible to enjoy the beers. Cigars were even allowed!

The Raspberry was opaque with a medium body and nice sweetness in its evenly-balanced flavor. The Honey Porter was also opaque and this medium-bodied brew featured a malty sweet flavor. The Peach was a clear amber color and although peach dominated the flavor profile its was not overpowering. The Amber Ale was a dark amber color and offered a coarse, malty flavor. The Honey Brown was a dark brown color with a malty sweet flavor.

Note: Within one year of opening, Tivoli had closed it doors, reportedly due to problems with its Tivoli building neighbors.

Tivoli Brewery
Tivoli Building
Denver, CO. 80303

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - October, 1996 & October, 1997

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