In 't Spinnekopke

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Offering a cozy and relaxed setting in an otherwise bustling city, Brussels' In 't Spinnekopke, (spider web?) features a small lounge where wooden benches populate the tiled room and mirrors join framed World War I prints covering the walls. The beer menu touts seven beers "Au Fut" (on draught), six imports, 12 Bieres D'Abbaye, eight Trappiste, three from Cantillon and 30 assorted Belgian bottled brews. Prices range from 55 to 395 BEF, approximately $1.75 to $10 USD. They're open every day at 11 am but close early at 11 pm.

The 8% Moinette Blonde from Dupont is a hazy gold color with light esters that accompany its light body and sweet but yeasty flavor. The draught Lambic starts sweet then builds to a strong sourness with a slight citrusy/grapefruit finish. The Vieux Temps Bière Ambree is a clear gold color with a thick white head, thin body, no esters, a light dry malty flavor and very clean, short dry finish. This is a 5% brew from the Interbrew conglomerate. The draught Faro is an opaque hazy brown with characteristic lambic aromas and flavors. Light in body, the sweetness from the sugar tends to balance out the tartness.

Brasserie Dupont, Rue Basse 5, 7904 Tourpes
Interbrew, 25B-1070, Brussels

In 't Spinnekopke
Place da Jardin aux Fleurs 1
Bruxelles 1000, Belgium

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - April, 1998

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