Tied House

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Large street-side windows offer an early peak at what's inside of the Tied House in Mountain View. Inside, one large open room creates a spacious and airy feeling. The split-level layout features an upper self-seating area of light wood tables and chairs, with some bench seating, all over a gray carpeting. A 30 foot long U-shaped dark wood bar stands in front of the glass-enclosed copper and stainless steel brewhouse. 30 feet above stand impressive wooden beams of the peaked ceiling with its gray steel supports and electric fans, all surrounded by off-yellow concrete walls. Living plants populate the lounge and dining areas while red-trimmed windows doy the walls. A large blackboard adorns the bar and visually announces the available beer selection. Nearby walls host T-shirts and framed beer prints. Most seating offers a view of the activities occurring in the open kitchen. The formal dining area features white linen table cloths and requires waiting for seating. Green patio furniture occupies one outdoor terraced patio. A second outdoor patio in the front offers picnic tables and shaded seating beneath overhead terraces.

The menu offers a reasonable range of tastes: Appetizers are $4 to $8; Soups and Salads run $5 to $10; Tied House Traditions include Fish & Chips, Salmon, and Meatloaf; American Favorites have the like of Ribs, Steak and Salmon at $10 to $16; Burgers are $5 to $8; and Pastas range from $8 to $14. To go beers are $7.50 per two liters, $25 for a two and one half gallon jug, $52.50 a quarter barrel, and $95 a half barrel. The upscale environment offers moderate wheelchair accommodation. The clean air and multiple 8-tap towers pouring a good beer selection make the Tied House worth a stop when in Silicon Valley. If time is limited, do the Nachos and Quesidillas and match your beer selection accordingly.

Tied House
954 Villa St.
Mountain View, CA

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1997

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