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A great "pub" atmosphere is what you'll find at the Vermont Pub & Brewery in downtown Burlington. While the dark wood interior is certainly impressive, it's the covered and uncovered patio, along with it's glass-enclosed counterpart, that offer opportunity to people watch and enjoy the good weather. The four story brick and glass building is in an urban setting but is surrounded by lots of greenery. It's also a short walk from numerous nearby colleges. Since 1988, the beers produced by Greg and Nancy Noonan on their 14 barrel system have earned them quite a reputation.

The Dr. Walter's Wonder Pils is gold in color, well carbonated, with a medium body and pronounced hop flavor. Very nice! The Bitter is a medium-bodied amber with reasonable malt and hop flavor but balanced toward the hops. The Bombay Grab India Ale is a hazy amber color with assertive hops aroma and flavor. The Joe Light is actually a dark gold color with a very light body, where the light malt flavor dominates the very light hops. The Burly Irish Ale is a dark amber with a medium body and flavor solidly on the malty side. The Farmall Wheat is a hazy gold color with a strong clove aroma, light body, nice mouthfeel and clean finish. The Vermont Smoked Porter boasts a roasted aroma matched to a sharp, smoky flavor but clean finish. The Wee Heavy is a dark amber color with no head and alcohol actually dominating the aroma and flavor! Regardless of the season, stop by to taste Greg's latest brews at $2.75 a pint, and you won't be disappointed.

Late breaking news: Inflation affects even Vermont! Prices are no longer at their 1995 level. The current $3.50 pints are still a great flavor value in 2004.

Vermont Pub & Brewery
144 College
Burlington, VT

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - August, 1995, February 2004

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