Weston Brewing


 Located in the idyllic Bed & Breakfast-style community of Weston, Missouri, Weston Brewing began its resurrection of the first brewery west of the Hudson (1842) in July, 1997. Today the micro operation offers visitors a place to sample the flagship product in a small tasting room filled with breweriana. Black and White photos showcase the history of Weston Royal Brewing Company circa 1900. Even the original brewery's blueprints are on display. Back then 20,000 barrels a year flowed south to Kansas City and parts west. Today the labor intensive operation stretches to reach 500 barrels annually. The 5500 square foot brewery runs a 24 barrel brewhouse constructed by Brasseur Du Nord of Moisbriand, Quebec. Eight 26 1/2 bbl unitank fermenters strive to meet the demand of 40 retail bottle and 25 draught accounts. Of the original brewery only a small portion is currently occupied by Weston Brewing, the remainder is now O'Mally's 1842 Pub and a new Bed & Breakfast. The Oktoberfest and Irish Ale see occasional production but the Pale Lager is the flagship beer. This light-bodied brew is crisp and clean with a smooth hop bitterness that lasts into the finish. The brewery is undergoing sever growing pains and is in a constant state of flux. Tour are normally weekend afternoons but phoning ahead is wise. Ask for Mike, Kenny or John. Afterwards there's merchandise for sale such as shirts, ball caps and beer. The later comes in six-packs for $3.99, 22 ounce bottles for $1.50, 1/4 bbl kegs at $45 and 1/2 bbl kegs for $80. The town is about 20 minutes north of Kansas City and so small that its easy to cover everything on foot. Start with the brewery at Short and Welt Street, right behind City Hall

 A perfect place to enjoy the Weston Pale Lager, as well as a perfect pint of Guinness, is the attached establishment called O'Mally's 1842 Pub. Entering through the quaint American Bowman Restaurant where private parties are accommodated you descend one level of stairs to be greeted by the barman who keeps the drink flowing. The small brick-walled room features rugged tables and beer decorations such as Irish banners and pendants. A walk through the room with its low, curved stone ceiling leads to a passageway. Passing through this darkened tunnel brings you to another bricked room with more hand-hewn furniture, colorful lighting and a three-tap bar. Entertainment is provided via electronic darts and a large movie screen. Smoking is allowed and fans offer some circulation but no noticeable ventilation. Further exploring leading to deeper passage to one of the three original limestone cellars, 55 feel below ground level. No longer used for lagering, these 1900-era caverns now host multi-level drinking, dining and entertainment, all with a lager cellar atmosphere. The kerosene lamps on the wooden tables make for soft lighting and a peaceful atmosphere. Irish folk music from the CD sound system sets the mood, a drinking mood of course. The bar features Strongbow draught cider, Guinness Stout and Bass Ale. Pints run $2.95 while liters are $5.45. Mixed drinks are also served. The serving and drinking temperatures are perfect "cellar temperate" all summer and that's just the way owner Sean O'Mally likes it, comfortable and authentic. Pop in for some pints, enjoy the music and the ambiance, maybe book a room upstairs at the B&B. A visit to O'Mally's might just take you back with memories of the emerald isle.

Weston Brewing
504 Welt St
PO Box 273
Weston, Missouri 64098

O'Mally;s 1842 Irish Pub
American Bowman Restaurant
Short & Welt Streets
Weston, Missouri 64098

Reviewed by Tom Ciccateri - June, 1998

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