Real Beer Inc. Dynamic Data Products

All of the products described below are customized to your site design and can be adapted to your specific and unique needs.

Automated Events Calendar
The Automated Events Calendar is a web product which allows you to easily keep your web pages up-to-date with timely event information. Like a real-world calendar, upcoming events are displayed in an intuitive and easy to read format. The program removes past events automatically to prevent your site from displaying stale information.

Product Locator
The Product Locator is a web product which displays an organized list of your distributors/retailers on your web site and allows you to manage this ever-changing list with little effort or technical expertise. Visitors to your site can perform a search on this list to find your product, turning an interested visitor into a buyer of your beer.

Press Release Publisher
The Press Release Publisher is an innovative product which enables you to quickly and easily publish your company's latest breaking news on your web pages. All you have to do is type in the press release, and the program takes care of all the uploading, formatting and linking on your web site. In addition, your press releases are immediately broadcast via email to our extensive list of targeted industry media.

Virtual Postcard
The Virtual Postcard is a creative and fun way to allow web users to send "postcards" to their friends electronically while at the same time extending your brand through greater exposure. Imagine thousands of your company's images on postcards delivered around the internet with no cost or maintenance from you.

Ask The Expert
The Ask The Expert program is a unique product which allows web site visitors to submit questions about your brewery or your brands. Using this program the designated expert or experts in your organization may respond to these questions when it is convenient for them and their answers will automatically be emailed to the asker, and formatted and posted on your web page for all to see.

Moderated Threaded Message Board
The Moderated Threaded Message Board is a product which allows you to set up an area of you web site where you customers can engage in discussions about beer, your brewery, or your brands. The program allows an administrator the ability to easily review all messages being submitted to filter out any undesired messages before they appear on the page. This moderation of the messages can be done when convenient and is designed to be quick and easy.

Beers On Tap
The Beers on Tap program is a unique product used to showcase the beers you offer to your customers, and to give them timely information regarding which are available at any given moment. With little effort and no technical expertise you can manage this list and always keep your web site fresh, current and informative.

All Dynamic Web Site Products, copyright 1997, Real Beer Inc.