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Ask The Expert

The Ask The Expert program is a unique product developed by Real Beer Inc. which allows web site visitors to submit questions which can be shown, with the answers, on your web site for others to read. The program allows the expert to respond on their time through a process that allows them to quickly filter out irrelevant or redundant inquiries, protecting their valuable time. It gives you the means to easily add new and timely information to your web site, keeping it fresh and current, while also opening up a valuable line of communication to your customers.

The Ask The Expert program consists of both a question and answer page and a password-protected administration page where your administrator and/or expert can read waiting questions and respond through a simple comments form. The question and answer page presents all of the previously asked and answered questions formatted in reverse chronological order. To ask a question, all the vistor has to do is fill out a simple form. The question is emailed to the administrator and placed in a queue to be answered at their leisure.

The administration of these questions are handled through a password-protected web page, where the administrator can log-in, then read, answer and/or discard any or all of the waiting questions. This program does not require any special technical ability from the administrator, just web access. Once the answer is submitted, both question and answer are formatted automatically and added to the top of the list on the web page for all to see. The answer is also sent by email to the person who asked the question so that they get their reply directly.

By allowing users to actively interact with your web site, the value of their visit is enhanced. Contributors are encouraged to visit more often to see their interaction along with the latest questions from others. This program also provides you with valuable feedback about your product and allows you to get closer to your customers.

It is important for a successful web site to feature new and fresh information. The Ask The Expert program accomplishes this and requires little time and effort and no technical expertise. In the same amount of time as it takes to answer an email, the administrator can communicate directly and to all customers while, at the same time, making valuable updates to your website.

Price: contact for detailed pricing information

Basic Price Includes:
Programming the necessary pages required for an Ask The Expert program in a consistent style with the rest of your web site and a creating a custom web site administration page for answering incoming questions.

Basic Price Does Not Include:
Creation of any new graphics or illustrations

* The use of this program is provided as a one-time license fee only and requires that your web pages be hosted on the Real Beer, Inc. server.

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