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Beers On Tap

The Beers on Tap program is a unique product developed by Real Beer Inc. to showcase the beers you offer to your customers, and to give them timely information regarding which are available a the moment they are visiting your page. With little effort and no technical expertise you can manage this list and keep your web site fresh current and informative.

The Beers on Tap program displays detailed informative information of all your beers organized into two lists. The first list, and most important, would display all of the beers (regular and seasonals) that are currently available. After that the beers that are not currently available are displayed. With each beer name you would find the beer details, which would include, style, description, alc %, original gravity, when it is typically available (if applicable), and an image (label or picture).

This program is administered through a password-protected web page which allows the administrator to edit any of the details of the beers quickly and easily. By filling out a simple web page form, the administrator can change the availability status or any of the details of the existing beers, or add a new beer. Once this new information is submitted, the beers page is re-created instantly, reflecting the new information with no delay.

The Beers on Tap program saves your human resources by allowing an administrator to maintain your pages instead of a technologist, and it allows you to display your current beer selection to your audience giving you the peace of mind that your pages are always up-to-date. As you know, timely, dynamic information is the key to a successful web site.

Price: contact for detailed pricing information

Basic Price Includes:
Programming a Beers On Tap page in a consistent style with the rest of your web site and a creating a custom web site administration page.

Basic Price Does Not Include:
Digital processing of the beer label or photograph images (quoted seperately)
Creation of any new graphics or illustrations
Updating of any pages elsewhere within the web site

* The use of this program is provided as a one-time license fee only and requires that your web pages be hosted on the Real Beer, Inc. server.

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