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Automated Events Calendar

The Automated Events Calendar is series of web pages and custom programs developed by Real Beer Inc. that allow you to keep your web pages current and provide timely information to your readers while requiring little effort and technical experience from you. Formatted like a real-world calendar, upcoming events are displayed in an intuitive and easy to read format offering both the calendar view of events and the full event details.

The Automated Events Calendar intelligently interprets the current date and uses this to determine which calendar month(s) to display. Today's date is highlighted on the calendar and events occurring in the current month are shown. Further down the page, the user can also view all future month's calendars and events. Jump links are provided between months and to the event details to allow for quick and easy navigation.

This program is administered through your own password-protected web page giving you complete control over what appears on your events pages. Your events can be entered at any time during the year, freeing you from having to remember to update your web pages when an event is nearing. The administrator fills out a simple web page form with the information for a particular event and clicks a button to submit. Our program takes care of inserting this event into the proper month, building the web page for you and making sure that the current month is always displayed. The administrator can also choose to have the event submitted to the Real Beer Page calendar of events to get you even more exposure for your event.

An optional upgrade to the events calendar is available which will allow your upcoming events to be displayed on pages other than just your calendar page. For instance, events from the upcoming week or month can automatically be displayed on your homepage giving them additional, timely exposure with no interaction or updating required on your part.

The Automated Events Calendar saves you time and money by allowing an administrator to maintain your pages instead of a technologist. It allows you to enter your events at any time during the day or night, quickly and easily, with no delay, delivering the peace of mind that your pages are always up-to-date. As you know, timely and dynamic information is the key to a successful web site. For an example of this program, point your web browser to

Price: contact for detailed pricing information

Basic Price Includes:
Programming an event calendar page in a consistent style with the rest of your web site and a creating a custom web site administration page.

Basic Price Does Not Include:
Creation of any new graphics or illustrations.
Updating of any pages elsewhere within the web site (available as an optional upgrade)

Optional Upgrade:
Automatically update your home page and/or any one other page with summaries of upcoming events.

* The use of this program is provided as a one-time license fee only and requires that your web pages be hosted on the Real Beer, Inc. server.

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