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Press Release Publisher

The Press Release Publisher is a innovative program developed by Real Beer Inc. that enables you to not only get your company's latest breaking news published on your web pages quickly and easily, it is a very efficient means to broadcast it to targeted industry media.

The Press Release Publisher will create a formatted web page for each of your press releases as they are submitted along with a summary press release page showing the title and synopsis of all your press releases in reverse chronological order, each one linked to the appropriate press release.

This program is administered through your own password-protected web page that allows you to paste details of your latest press release into a simple web page. You will be shown a preview of how your formatted press release web page will look. It will create the press release page, add the title and synopsis of the press release to the top of the list on the summary press release page, and most importantly, email a copy of your press release to our extensive list of media contacts. At no cost to you each of your press releases will be distributed to most of the beer industry media.

An optional upgrade to the Press Release Publisher is available which will allow some press release details to be displayed on other pages of your web site. For instance, the title and synopsis of your newest press release can automatically be displayed on your homepage to spread the word of your breaking news even more quickly and thoroughly.

Another optional upgrade allows you to customize the email distribution list for your press release by providing us with addition email addresses.

The key to a successful web site has been proven to be current, updated information. Using this program not only saves human resources, postal and phone costs, it also removes the technological roadblock to updating your web pages, enabling an administrator to maintain your web site instead of a technologist, saving your company even more money.

Price: contact for detailed pricing information

Basic Price Includes:
All programming required for a functional press release publisher page in a consistent style with the rest of your web site, and the creation of a custom web site administration page.

Basic Price Does Not Include:
Creation of any new graphics or illustrations
Updating of any pages elsewhere within the web site (see optional upgrade)

Optional Upgrades:
Automatically update your home page with the synopsis of your press release with a link to your press release page.
Add extra email addresses to your distribution list.

* The use of this program is provided as a one-time license fee only and requires that your web pages be hosted on the Real Beer, Inc. server.

All Dynamic Web Site Products, copyright 1997, Real Beer Inc.