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Product Locator

The Product Locator is custom program developed by Real Beer Inc. that displays and manages a list of distributors/retailers of your beer. This program allows you to make this list of distributors available to your web visitors without having to manage a large number of manually created web pages. It takes care of updating all these pages with very little effort and technical expertise on your part.

The Product Locator page shows a list of all states or provinces in which your product is available, each linked to a page for that state showing distribution locations and contact information. These state pages are created by the program based on the most current data, updated by your administrator.

This program is administered through your own password-protected web page allowing your administrator to use simple forms to manage the data which will be displayed. Distribution locations can be added, edited or removed quickly and easily, with no technical expertise required. This administration page is available any time day or night and your web site will display any new or edited information, the moment it is submitted.

As an optional upgrade we will enhance this program by adding a custom clickable imagemap to the main Product Locator page. This will show the United States and/or Canada with the states or provinces color coded to show where your product is available. When a person clicks on this map they are shown the page displaying the product locating information relating to the selected state or province.

An additional upgrade is available which would provide you with search functionality in this program. This would allow a person visiting this site to enter the name of a city, a zip or area code, or a state name, in order to search the product location database and see a list of matches.

Without this program, showing a list of ever changing distribution locations would be a daunting task, requiring frequent changes to your web pages by a knowledgeable site programmer and thus costing time and money. This program saves you that time and money and allows your pages to be maintained by an administrator instead of a technologist. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your pages are always current, featuring up-to-date and correct data and you will know that you have made it easier for your customers to find your products, encouraging users to translate their interest in your web site visitor into actual product purchases.

Price: contact for detailed pricing information

Basic Price Includes:
Programming Product Locator pages in a consistent style with the rest of your site, and the creation of a custom web site administration page.

Basic Price Does Not Include:
Creation of any new graphics or illustrations.

Optional Upgrades:
Addition of clickable imagemap to main Product Locator page.
Programming of distributor search functionality.

* The use of this program is provided as a one-time license fee only and requires that your web pages be hosted on the Real Beer, Inc. server.

All Dynamic Web Site Products, copyright 1997, Real Beer Inc.