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Virtual Postcard

The Virtual Postcard is a creative and fun way to allow web users to send "postcards" to their friends electronically while at the same time extending your brand through greater exposure. Imagine thousands of your company's images on postcards delivered around the internet with no cost or maintenance from you.

The sender simply chooses one from a number of graphic images available on your web site and types in a customized greeting that they would like to have appear on the back of the postcard. After the sender pushes the deliver button the program automatically builds a custom and personalized web page where the recipient can view their virtual postcard. It sends an email to the recipient to announce that a postcard has been sent to them and is currently waiting at your web site. The recipient is given instructions about how to locate your web site with their web browser and asked to enter their email address to gain access to their custom postcard with personalized message from their friend.

By allowing users to send your postcards to their friends you not only propagate your brand to a larger audience you also create more awareness for your web site, and therefore, your company. The biggest benefit to you is that this all happens without any cost or interaction from you.

Price: contact for detailed pricing information

Basic Price Includes:
Incorporating a Virtual Postcard Program into your site, maintaining a consistent style with the rest of your pages, programming to allow unlimited number of postcards to be sent and received, and processing of up to 4 customer-provided graphics to be used as postcards.

Basic Price Does Not Include:
Creation of any illustrations or custom artwork

* The use of this program is provided as a one-time license fee only and requires that your web pages be hosted on the Real Beer, Inc. server.

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