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Welcome to Real Beer, Inc. Thanks for taking the time to inquire about advertising on the Real Beer Page. Not only are we publishers of the Internet's leading source for craft-brew industry information, we're also designers of award-winning craft-brew industry web sites. We've outlined the value of working with Real Beer and then provided you with a sampling of the enhanced features we're developing for our clients.



A Linked presence within the Real Beer Page earns you:

1. Links from every place your name appears on the Real Beer Page: - Our Brewery Database, searched 12,000+ times monthly - our Companies Page (take a look at the companies that are currently working with us)- our 'Zines Pages (links where ever your name appears in the 12 beer publications archived) - our Retail Pages - our Events Pages, if you are present at or hosting events. Instead of a static 1/3 page ad in one area of our content, we link you throughout all of our content. The Real Beer Page earns over 100,000 visitors and nearly 2 million hits per month (as of March 31, 1997). 90% of our audience return monthly; 35% return weekly. 98% use the web weekly; 75% use the web daily. So, this medium has arrived, and Real Beer successfully delivers the beer audience on this medium.

2. Site review and promotion in RBPMail, received by 46,000 qualified email subscribers each month (as of April 15, 1997).

3. Mention in our What's Brewing article sidebar, syndicated and published in the Celebrator, Midwest Beer Notes and Southern Draft Brew News.

At no additional cost to the publishing fee, we offer hosting of your site, e.mail addresses, e.mail newsletter capabilities, merchandise order processing (fulfillment done at brewery) and unique domain name support.



We've created programs based on the unique communications needs of this community and can be re-purposed and customized for your Web site. We can therefore offer them at 1/3-1/5 the cost of original programming -- sort of like refurbished and warranteed used equipment. Additionally, because we work only in the craft-brewing industry, our economies are scaled to smaller businesses. A one-time investment in any of these programs can pay for itself in a few months by saving the money spent on monthly site updates. Customizable Real Beer Programs: Message Board Program, Automated Calendar of Events Program, Shopping Cart Program, Postcard Program and a Searchable Distributors Database Program.



Real Beer Designs has been designing award-winning sites since our inception over 3 years ago. Brand management, consultation, custom design and continual site maintenance are premium services delivered by Real Beer, Inc. to our clients and are quoted upon request. We're a friendly group here at Real Beer and welcome any further inquiries. You can reach us be e.mailing realbeer@realbeer.com or by calling our corporate headquarters at (415)522-1516.


We're the folks behind the Real Beer Page, the Professional Brewer Page, RBPMail and BeerWeek. Nice to have you with us. Poke your head around to see what we're up to and why. Cheers!


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