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first, a caveat -- this page changes in a direct and inverse relation to the amount of change in my life.

i've created a lot of web sites and remain in the pursuit of understanding, evolving, and exploiting the medium. i've also created a lot of sites for pay as a result of the learning curve, and am principal and founder of an interactive agency called "real branding."

while introducing his book, "_the_art_of_the_novel_", milan kundera says "need i stress that i intend no theoritical statement at all, and that the entire book is simply a practitioner's confession? every novelist's work contains an implicit vision of the history of the novel, and idea of what the novel is; i have tried to express here the idea of the novel that is inherent in my own novels."

what i'm interested in serving up here is a balance of the virtual me and the personal. throughout it all i hope to present my point of view online as a communications medium. implicit in the design, narrative and communications features are the elements i believe are essential for this medium. feel free to comment.