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Craft-Brew Sites

As a result of having created the largest craft-brew resource on the WWW with the Real Beer Page, we've been commissioned to create dozens of sites within the industry. All this work adds to our design expertise. And, we believe that by the end of '96, people may be noticing that craft-brewing is the most wired non-technical industry...
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Microbreweries on every marketing platform can be out gunned by bigger ad budgets... until now. We loved the idea of democracy in advertising -- a complete oxymoron -- so much that we decided to create it. By boiler plating some features of our communications design, we can achieve some economies in implementing a site. There fore we have also been able make full www presences and markeing available for what microbreweries would pay for a desktop published ad. Neat Communications Design Features: Custom pages -- most pictures takne with QuickTake and debabilized on the Mac -- listserver sign-up, and probably best of all -- contextual fremwork within the Real Beer Page.
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hyperlink: Discovery Channel's Michael Jackson CD-ROM: The Beer Hunter

The Beer Hunter was scheduled for release about the same time as the Discovery Channel's WWW site was coming online. We were probably selected to create the WWW pages for this CD-ROM and publicize its presence over inhouse resources due to this crunch, but everyone ended up happy with the selection and the pages outcome. Neat Communications Design Features: CD-ROM screen shots and content converted to html, sound files, navigation, context within Real Beer Page. It might be interesting to note that these folks used an 800# for response rather than email or forms -- we get so enamored by high tech that sometimes we overlook the simple solutions to resources, time, security, etc. Now if only we could make the web browser have auto dialing as well...
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hyperlink: Beer Master's Tasting Society

Beer Master's Tasting Society is a pure community-oriented merchandising group. The community in this case is beer enthusiasts. We've seen their merchandising sales grow as the 'net population continues to swell. Neat Communications Design Features: Merchandise order forms, monthly contests, listserver, context within The Real Beer Page.
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Brew 'Zines come online with in the Real Beer Page to increase awareness of their content, expand distribution of their message and grow their subscription base. These publications have archived past articles and are in the process of creating one of the largest craft-brew libraries anywhere. Because the files are digital, we can search them, save them, forward and retrieve, etc. They are exploring the medium and innovating as seriously as any mainstream publication. Neat Communications Design Features: WAIS search engines, listservers, subscription/merchandising, advertising links.
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