silva & darci's families


Some "slide show" pages for the family:

Here's Darci. There are lot of these poses since i got the QuickTake, where the smile betrays just a hint of tolerance. We got married on December 4, 1995. She brings incredible joy into every day.

As you can tell, this is a picture of us at the foot of Mt. Rushmore. Such are the hazzards of handing a camera to fellow travelers - they miss the monument but still capture the moment.

This picture was taken by a professional photographer, writer and rogue, Mike Urseth, publisher of Midwest Beer Notes, while we were outside of Sherlock Holme's Brewpub, Minneapolis, MN. He thought Darci reminded him of an ex-girlfriend. Yeah, that's what they all say... :-)

For now, you can check out my twin's page - he's been religious about keeping a journal of his adventures in Europe.

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