Silva's 35th Birthday

Michael and Christina came out the weekend before our birthday to celebrate.

We took a drive up through the Jemez pueblo to some natural hot springs just north of Battleship Rock. It was just above the snow line, so we soaked in 104-degree water while snowflakes evaporated as they drew near. We took these shots back at the trailer during another spectacular sunset in Albequerque, NM.

For my actual birthdate, Darci and I hiked up the Sandia's towards the sky-cab which boasts one of the longest uninterrupted spans of cable between towers of any in the world we were told.

After four hours or so of straight hiking (with some spectacular breaks, as you can see), some guy with cleats and snow gear passed us on his way downhill and told us that the conditions above were too treacherous to make it all the way to the tram. So we headed back down to the base and took the tram to the top for dinner.

And caught the last moments of sun.