Darci's Family Tree, Gypsum, 1996, Part One

In April of 1996 we visited Darci's relatives in Gypsum, Kansas, a township next to Salina which is about a two-hour drive west of Topeka & Kansas City.

Darci sat with her aunt Cleo on a bridge where her three aunts drew their name in the drying concrete over 60 years earlier. You can make out Cleo and Wanda's name in the second two pictures. Maxine's signature was too worn to capture.

We drove up to a cemetary where some of Darci's family was buried. Cleo and Darci stopped to pump a taste of well water. William Noland Johnson was the son of Darci's grandmother, Maxine, who passed on shortly after birth.

Tombstones mark the graves of other relatives, including Darci's great grandfather on her mother's mother's side, Henry Mason. And the Peterson side of the family.

The township proper is mostly farmhouses.

The downtown is one street with lots of closed businesses.