Darci's Family Tree, Gypsum, 1996, Part Two

Smokey and Dixie Bogart

Smokey Bogart is the Gypsum historian, as was his father, the town's original postmaster. He's maintained an extensive card catalog system developed through obituaries, visits to cemetaries and by visits like ours, where information can be updated and refined. We visited Smokey and Dixie, his wife, to fill out Darci's family tree research.

Smokey was in the same class as Darci's grandmother, Maxine, and her original husband, William Johnson, both in this year book shot.

Smokey and Dixie's system is similar to old library catalogs, and each 3"x5" card references others. I kept thinking about how a computer would simplify his life. We appreciated the loving care Smokey and Dixie took over the archive, and they appreciated our interest.

We stopped off at Cozy's, which as been around since the '20s. They serve wonderful, greasy, bite-size hamburgers with onions, a smell that stays with you and your clothes for the rest of the day. They'll pack an order on dry ice and overnight them for you. We sent half a dozen back to California to Maxine and she at them immediately.