Darci's Family Tree, Gypsum, 1996, Part Three

The Curry Farm

When visiting relatives in Gypsum, you will visit a farm. The George and Anne Curry are related to Darci's grand father, Bill Johnson, and have been running a dairy farm for over three generations. We visited them and toured the operation.

Even though it looks automated, the handlers do a great job of moving the cows in and out and keeping them producing. We were told that the cows knew we were strangers, and that makes them a little unsettled.

During the tour, the third generation Curry, George's son, told us about the challenges of running a farm profitably. His stories were mixed with fondness, humor, firmness, politics, sincerety and respect. As we found often in our travels, the tour became the backdrop to the more interesting interaction.

George and his brother took over the farm after their father's untimely death when they were 13 and 18 respectively. Anne told a touching story about the brother's partnership/relationship. "They've never had a cross word between them in over 50 years of working together." The reason, she hypothesized, was the elder's incredible sense of humor -- he laughed at everything. One time one of the children drove an expensive tractor into a ditch and ruined it. George's brother surveyed the catastrophe and burst out laughing. By the sparks in George's eyes, we guessed he shared that sense of humor as well.