Darci's Family Tree, Part Four

Laurie, Cleo's daughter, joined us in the evening. She and her partner, Conan, live in Topeka. The picture on the right includes Audrey and Pete who we visited in a retirement home. Audrey taught Darci's grandmother, Maxine, how to play piano. Her husband, Pete, was tired but revived when asked about durable, concrete out houses found on farms thoughout the area that were created during the depression. "Elinores," he said. "They were named 'Elinores' after the first lady, Elinore Roosevelt. 'Took a crew an entire day to create one of those."

There were several unusual animals residing at the KOA camp ground we stayed at on the outskirts of Salina.

On our last night we headed to the Brookville Hotel for some incredible down-home, family-style fried chicken. Perhaps the best we've ever had.

We laughed and enjoyed our re-connected family. The picture on the right is one we took when we landed in Topeka a day or so later, where we met Conan.