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Corporate Sites

We've done all the original graphics, illustration, design and integration on the following sites unless otherwise noted. The server technology such as cgi, wais scripts, etc., was provided by project technologists.
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hyperlink: Westech Career Expo

Planet Illustration by Kirkiwood Interactive, creative direction and all other design and illustration by Silva.

Westech Career Expo had jumped into the WWW big-time with a Netscape Server running on an SGI over a T-1. They had put up hundreds of back articles from their respected High Tech Careers Magazine. However, the pages were linear and mostly text-based. Westech commissioned us to convert their site from web pages into a unique presence called the Virtual Job Fair. From Sunday to Sunday in one week we invested over 170 combined hours into delivering a new metaphor and navigation design. Neat Communications Design Features: Color coded backgrounds that align with building metaphors on the planet to orient and train readers toward resources. Quick keyword searches for employers and articles. Resume bank.
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hyperlink: Catapult Entertainment, Inc.

This site was created while Silva was a partner of Project management and technology provided by Jon Hahn and Charlie Laufersweiler.

Catapult Entertainment, on deadline to ship product, outsourced their WWW communications design. I handled all the design elements. Catapult has a modem & network that allows SNES and Sega players to compete with opponents over phone lines on Catapult's XBAND network. Catapult corporate relationships include the likes of Sony, Blockbuster and Intel, so demographically and culturally the consumer (gamers) and business-to-business markets are dramatically different. We recommended providing different metaphors and gateways to the information -- in essence designing two servers for discriminating audiences. The design philosophy for Catapult was earth-friendly materials, calling for earthtones, fabrics and papers in the graphics. Neat Communications Design Features: The company had a WWW party to debut the server internally the day before an external launch. We took Quicktake shots of all the employees, had them fill out a simple bio and had Web pages for nearly every member of the staff when we demo'd the server to them. This is a great way to get the internal excitement, buy-in, education, value, spin, etc. creating word-of-mouth promotions to vendors, prospects and friends. We recommend planning this feature if you are launching a corporate web presence.
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hyperlink: This is XBAND

This site was created while Silva was a partner of Project management and technology provided by Jon Hahn and Charlie Laufersweiler. Some graphics adapted from Catapult software designed by Joey Stocklein . Front page is being changed periodically by Joey Stocklein.

XBAND, a product of Catapult Entertainment, has a network of its own. In fact, SEGA and Super NES gamers can email to the internet from their game machine. The challenge we had was creating a site engaging enough to captivate this audience long enough to pull them away from their game controllers. Street-sense and in-your-face attitude drove the design. Neat Communications Design Features: This site has a lot to it -- animations, sound files, a retail database for finding local retailers by zip or area code searches, game tips and more. The elements are integrated into the pages as part of a seamless communications design.
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hyperlink: Noah's New York Bagels

This site was created while Silva was a partner of Project management and server technology provided by Jon Hahn and Charlie Laufersweiler.

Noah's New York Bagels wanted to integrate designs from their product packaging group, Primo Angeli, their newsletters, and corporate literature. The communications design had to relate the quality, friendliness, community-orientation and historical relationships expressed in each store. The design platform dictated integrating tradition with contemporary, old with new. Neat Communications Design Features: There are fascinating stories folding in Jewish traditions with bagel descriptions. Don't you love hyper-context? How about bagel links to President Bill Clinton, Cher, Lyle Lovett and the S.F. 49ers? Noah's son, Jesse, helped pull all the internal resources together. Charley Laufersweiler project-managed the implementation.
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hyperlink: The Real Beer Page

This site was originally created while Silva was a partner of Initial technology provided by Jon Hahn. Current technology, revisions and designs are being handled by Real Beer Inc.

The Real Beer Page is where it all got started for us. What other subject could make it fun enough to work 40 hours at a day job and another 60 at night every week for months in development? We wanted to explore what differentiated this medium, what engaged people and how they respond, what business models would prevail in the evolving medium. It's a pet project, a booming business and a vehicle for us traveling across the U.S. as we introduce microbreweries to the WWW. Neat Communications Design Features: Anything you can imagine in a WWW site has been thrown in here: listserver, custom database back-ends, WAIS searching, interactive forms, sound and video files and tons of quality content. We believe this site truly creates a unique WWW experience for beer and WWW enthusiasts alike.
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hyperlink: San Francisco International Film Society

This site was created while Silva was a partner of Project management by Darci and technology provided by Jon Hahn along with a crew of volunteers.

San Francisco International Film Society brings quality international films and film makers to the city every year. We helped bring their message to the WWW. It was actually a pretty amazing feat of logistics and determination -- the entire site went from design to completion in 10 days. It's 90% design, 10% programming. We used images from the festival to communicate the design. Neat Communications Design Features: This is a really complete site with tons of metaphors into the information -- are you a film goer? collector? buff? maker? -- each have a doorway in through search, calendar, lists and link metaphors. We also have a listserver for their newsletter.
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hyperlink: and communications

This site was originally created while Silva was a partner of Newly designed page created by

and communications began as a fun experiment in communications for the emerging medium. While starting as a night business, I was completing a 5-year plan to transition from advertising to an occupation of travel, painting and personal evolution. The 'net seemed like a potential vehicle. After all, if you can't run a virtual business on the WWW, where can you? Expectations: we'd learn a lot and have a server to publish on. As time went on, we started to run the thing as a real business with growing expectations and time demands. We chose to part ways amicably, and if you want a business entity to manage your WWW development, they're the first I'd call. Of course, if you want an small, informal team to handle your development, call on us. Neat Communications Design Features: The get started form draws inquiries from all over the world. Some lookiloos, but some sincere. We may have found that forms are the vacuum of this universe - people abhor to leave them empty.

Craft-Brew Sites

Check out the craft-brew related sites. Don't let the subject matter influence your analysis of them - they apply as sophisticated a communications model as any on the WWW. They also showcase more breadth of our communications and graphic design capabilities.
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