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darci, with whom i have the great fortune of sharing a lifetime, and i enjoy pursuing nomadic adventure as we travel to different parts of the world every chance we get. we spent two years from 1995-19997 on the road full-time in our big silver travel trailer. first stop on our shake-down tour was to new orleans. we had to iron out some communications and logistic kinks to working virtually on the road but it worked out pretty well.

  • the plan was to travel across the states for a year or so in our mastadonic travel toaster while technology took its leaps ahead. it didn't leap ahead and we actually spent two years on the road, but by the time we finished the road trip in '97 nearly all the major cities were wired for local dial-up access.

    here's the monster we'll called home-sweet-home for two years:

    btw, we shot the truck you see in these pictures when we returned from our shake-down trip. had to put it down. gave it to charity. we poured nearly $5k worth of repair service and parts into the heap by the time we traveled from new orleans and back to s.f. and were only getting 4.5 miles per gallon. so much for the savings we made buying used. we went out and got a new dodge ram 3/4-ton cummins deisel that was probably the best vehicle we ever owned.

    Previous Travels

    i used to take a month off every year, (the following links will eventually have much more content about the journeys -- for better or worse):

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