Roadside Pics - Oregon

As we traveled the states, Darci considered me public enemy and nuisance #1 primarily because of my tendency to lay on the brakes and swerve off the road where ever we saw great roadside action. Art that is. The kitschier the better. When combined with a shot of the trailer in the foreground, I was able to call it Trailer-Art. As you can see, some times it reached the level of high art.


the pic on the left says a lot to me. nomads that replace other nomads. the native american looks vanquished. paul looks inflated in his quest. and we've got a trailer big enough to store all the baggage a person could need for a lifetime. still, each is on a journey hopefully leaving the place a little better than when they found it. hopefully.

the first two shots are to verify that babe's a boy. a friend in eureka tells us those may be the most photographed wreaking balls in the northwest. y'all come back now, y'hear?