Travels: South of the Border

Darci and I actually had designs on getting hitched in this neon paradise called South of the Border (SOB). It's called SOB because it is just south of the North Carolina Border in South Carolina. Word is it's easy to get a marriage license. Turns out we had to wait a day or so. After hanging out for all of 5 minutes we got a turned off by the xenophobic term "Pedro" used to designate any worker at the place. We also previewed the "heir" conditioned honeymoon suite -- complete with heart-shaped bed and overhead mirrors -- and the crust and/or cheese factor became too much. Even for us. They did have a nice trailer park in the back. And we were able to snap some pretty good Trailer-Art pics, thanks to the cheese spread everywhere within eyesight. So we headed out the next day and present the pictures for your enjoyment.

Hard to tell the difference, but this is actually a gas station in Florida near Naples.