Travels: The Thing?

This little curio shop placed right off the I-10 between El Paso, TX and Tuscon, AZ sings its siren song from billboards approaching the destination. Even as your view in horror and fascination the pictures below, realize that you may or may not be looking at "The Thing." Only a visit to the source will be able to answer the question for certain... if you are open to the oracular answer. For a more complete description of The Thing? go to Roadside Amercia's Write-up.

9-bits gets you in.

Could that be the car of one of history's most infamous despot and murderer? Is it "The Thing?"

Freaks of nature, works of art or "The Thing?"

Could one of these be "The Thing?" (Note: that's probably a "one moment past patience" look on Darci's face, not one of mock-bewilderment).

Back in the trailer, Darci gives her review/impressions of The Thing?