1997 Sixth Mazer Cup Mead Competition

The entry packet is available in Adobe Acrobat format. You can fill in the form on your computer before printing it.


All makers of Mead are eligible. Enter as many entries as you like.


  1. Each entry shall consist of two (2) bottles of not less than 177 ml (6 oz.) and not more than 750 ml (25 oz), preferably 12 oz. Please use plain caps or blackout any identification. No entries will be disqualified or downgraded for bottle size, age, capping/corking method or color.
  2. A COMPLETED Recipe Form, in as much detail as possible, must accompany each entry.
  3. A COMPLETED Registration Form shall be attached BY RUBBER BAND (NOT TAPE) to each Bottle.
  4. ALL Entry Fees must accompany entries when received.
  5. Please mark Shipping Packages "This End Up"
  6. NEW!!!! Entries may be submitted NON-COMPETITIVELY for Evaluation Only. Entry fee is $3.00, and only one bottle is required. ALL information will be provided to the judges, who will liberally comment on all aspects of your mead, including overall impression, recipe formulation, balance, conditioning, possible improvements or aspects of your mead you might seek to enhance in the future.

The FIVE "W's"

WHO: You
WHAT: Your Best Meads, with a $6.00/entry fee, make checks Payable to KEN SCHRAMM/Mazer Cup Mead Competition (Please include Ken's name)
WHEN: Entries Due Oct. 20-Nov. 1, 1997. Judging Nov. 8 til completed
WHERE: Please ship Entries to: WHY (AWARDS & PRIZES)

For More Information, call

      Ken Schramm, Competition Director          810-816-1592
      Dan McConnell, Competition Registrar       313-663-4845
                          FAX  313-761-5914

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