List of ingredients, from Digby

(1910 reprint)

Note: some of these are from the cooking section

Note from SWT: Steve Mercer had preserved the original line lengths in his transcription. I did not in this HTML translation.



  1. Agrimony; alexander; angelica; avens, leaves & flowers; balm; bay-leaves; beetleaves; bettony, wild; bettony, Paul's; bistort; bloodwort; bluebottles; blue-button; borage, leaves & flowers; bramble, red, tops of; broombuds; bugle; bugloss, leaves & flowers; burnet; carduus benedictus; carrot, wild; celandine; cersevril; chicory; chives; clove gilly-flowers; clown's all-heal; coltsfoot; comfrey; cowslip & french cowslip flowers; dragons; elder flowers; endive; eyebright; fennel; feverfew; garlic; ground-ivy; groundsel; hart's tongue, leaves; hops, flowers; horehound; hypericum, tops & flowers; hyssop; ladies' mantle; lettuce, leaves & stalks; lily of the valley; liquorice; liverwort; maidenhair; marigold, flowers & leaves; marjoram, sweet; marjoram, wild; marshmallow, leaves, flowers, & stalks; may-weed, brown; meadowsweet; mellilot,flowers; mint; spearmint; mouse-ear; mugwort; muscovy; nettle, red; oak of Jerusalem; organ; origanum [wild marjoram]; oseille; parietary; peas (chick); pellitory-of-the-wall; pennyroyal; philipendula; pimpernel; pourpier; primrose, flowers; purslane; ribwort; rocket; rosemary, tops, flowers, & sprigs; rose; rue; sage, (red & wild), leaves & flowers; saxifrage; sanicle; scabious; scurvy grass; self-heal; shallots; sibboulets; skirrets; smallage; sorrel (wood); spike [spignel?]; spleenwort; spinach; St. John's wort; strawberry leaves; sweetbriar, leaves, tops, buds; sweet oak; sweetwort; tamarisk; tansy; thyme (broad, lemon, mother, & wild); violet, leaves & flowers; wallflowers (yellow); wall rue; watercress; wheat (green); white-wort; winter savoury; woodbine; wormwood (sea & Roman); yarrow. (From this list I have omitted the commoner vegetables.)
  2. Roots.- Alexander; angelica; asparagus; beet; betony, bittersweet; bluebottle; borage; coltsfoot; elecampane; eringo; fennel; fern; galingale; horseradish; marshmallow; nettle (red); orris; parsley; scabious; sorrel; strawberry; succory; thyme (wild); tormentilla.
  3. Seeds.- Anise; cardamom, carraway; citron; coriander; fennel; gromwell; melon; musk grains; mustard; nettle; parsley; saffron; tulip, seedy buds of; wormwood.
  4. Fruits.- Apples (codlings, ginet moils, pearmains, pippins, golden pippins, red streaks); apricots; barberries; bilberries; cherries (black, Kentish, Morello); currants (dried, black, red); damsons; dates; jujubes; juniper berries; lemons; pears (bon chrétien & wardens); plums; prunes; raisins; rasps; sweetbriar berries; strawberries.
  5. Barks, woods.- Ashtree bark; lignum cassiæ.
  6. Nuts.- Almonds; chestnuts; pine kernels; pistachios; walnuts (green).
  7. Juices.- Balm; celandine; cherry; hop; lemon; onion; orange; spearmint; spinach; tansy.
  8. - Distilled waters of angelica; cinnamon; mallow orange-flower; plantain; rose (red & damask).
  9. Spices of all sorts; cloves; cinnamon (also oil of, & spirit of); ginger; mace; mustard, nutmeg; pepper; peppercorns.
  10. Wines.- Canary sack; claret; Deal; elder; Malaga (old); Muscat; Muscadine (Greek); red; Rhenish; sack; sherry sack; Spanish; white.
  11. Othor liquors.- Ale & beer; afterworts; lees of beer & wine; aqua vitæ; orangeado.
  12. Vinegars of elder wine, & of white wine.
  13. Verjuice of cider, & green sour grapes.
  14. Other notable seasonings and ingredients: Ambergris; ivory; leaf gold; powder of white amber; powder of pearl; Spanish pastilles (ambergris, sugar, & musk).
    Recipes from The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie Kt Opened: Whereby is Discovered Several ways for making of Metheglin, Sider, Cherry-Wine, &c. together with Excellent Directions for Cookery: As also for Preserving, Conserving, Candying, &c. First edition, London, 1669.

    This list from the 1910 reprint.

    Transcribed by Steve Mercer <>