Metheglin Composed by my Self Out of Sundry Receipts

In sixty Gallons of water, boil ten handfuls of Sweet-bryar-leaves ; Eyebright, Liverwort, Agrimony, Scabious, Balme, Wood-bettony, Strawberry-leaves, Burnet, of each four handfuls ; of Rosemary, three handfuls ; of Minth, Angelica, Bayes and Wild-thyme, Sweet-Marjoram, of each two handfuls : Six Eringo-roots. When the water hath taken out the vertue of the herbs and roots, let it settle, and the next day pour off the clear, and in every three Gallons of it boil one of honey, scumming it well, and putting in a little cold water now and then to make the scum rise, as also some whites of Eggs. When it is clear scummed, take it off, and let it cool ; then work it with Ale-yest ; tun it up, and hang it in a bag, with Ginger, Cinamom, Cloves and Cardamom. And as it worketh over, put in some strong honey- drink warmed. When it works no more, stop it up close.

In twenty Gallons of water boil Sweet-bryar-leaves, Eye-bright, Rosemary, Bayes, Clove-gilly-flowers of each five handfuls, and four Eringo-roots. To every two gallons and a half of this decoction, put one gallon of honey ; boil it, &c. When it is tunned up, hang in it a bag containing five handfuls of Clove-gillyflowers, and sufficient quantity of the spices above.

In both these Receipts, the quantity of the herbs is too great. The strong herbs preserve the drink, and make it nobler. Use Marjoram and Thyme in little quantity in all.

Transcribed by Steve Mercer <>

Notes: "...hang it in a bag...", This is what Digbie says, but I believe he meant to say, "..hang in it a bag...".