Another Way

Take two Gallons of water ; one Gallon of Honey: Parietary one handful ; Sage, Thyme, one Pugil ; Of Hyssop half a Pugil. Six Parsley-roots ; one Fennel-root, the pith taken out : Red-nettles one Pugil. Six leaves of Hearts-tongue. Boil this to- gether one hour. Then put in the Honey, and Nutmegs, Cloves, Mace, Cinamon of each one ounce ; of Ginger three ounces. Boil all these together, till the scum be boiled in, not scumming it. Then take it off, and set it to cool. When it is cold, put in it six spoonfuls of barm, and when it is ripe, it will hiss in the pail. You must take out the herbs, when you put in the honey. If you put in these herbs following, it will be far better ; Sanicle, Bugloss, Avens, and Ladies-mantle, of each one handful.

Transcribed by Steve Mercer <>