[A glass of homebrew] Amber Ale

Yes, this is my own homebrewed amber ale. It wasn't the best beer I've ever made, but it did make a nice picture. My sister and I made it the day after Thanksgiving, 1994. The glass is a Faro "Pertotale" glass from the F. Boon brewery in Lambeek, Belgium.

If you're interested, here is the recipe.

Malt Bill and Mash

Mash Pale Ale, CaraVienne, and Munich malts for 1 hour at 65C in 3 gallons of water. Add Chocolate and Crystal 90 malts. Mash-out to 75C and sparge 7 gallons.

Hops and boil

Total boil time 1:10. [A glass of homebrew]


Yeast: Yeast Culture Kit Company A01 (American), in 1 pint starter. Primary fermentation at 18C for 25 days.

Primed with 1/3c table sugar and bottled 12/21/94.

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