Beer and Brewing Archives

Most stuff is in the FTP homebrew archives at The Mead Archive is also there.

I also keep almost all the back issues of the Homebrew Digest, Mead Digest, and Lambic Digest. They are indexed by year and digest number. If you are looking for postings on a particular topic, try the digest search page.

Archives for the JudgeNet mailing list are maintained here, and can be searched using the digest search page.. The official  BJCP home page is at

The Lambic archive is also available from Send an empty message with the subject HELP for more information. Here is the lambic index file as of June 30, 1994.

The Finnish archive mirrors the Stanford archive (in the homebrew subdirectory), but also contains some other stuff. Note that this is a busy FTP server, and will sometimes refuse connections. Try again if this happens. Also, try this other Finnish server.

Homebrew club contact e-mail addresses are maintained by Scott Murphy (  

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