Beer Recipe files

Mike Kenney ( converted the Cat's Meow recipe book to HTML format. Thanks, Mike!

The Cat's Meow 3 is now on-line. This is a totally electronic version that incorporates the earlier editions, and has new recipes, as well.

"BURP labs" has put together a series on brewing and judging belgian beers.

See also Gary Rich's version of this document, with included label snapshots and a glossary for terms like diacetyl.

Eric Wooten is collecting recipes in his Beer and Homebrewing Page. You can browse them, or submit your own.

Marcus Schmitz sent a first beer recipe in German, Der erste Brauversuch.

John H. Grant posted some historical Canadian brew recipes.

Pages from "Digby" (first published collection of mead recipes, 1669), or jump straight to the recipes.

Mead recipes collected from the web are in The Bee's Lees and The Bee's Lees II.

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