Wooden Beer Case Plans

Materials Needed


Cut all wood to the dimensions indicated above. Also follow the grain of the wood indicated above. If you do not follow the grain of the wood from above when you go to make the box joints the plywood will splinter. For the box joints I used a router table with a box joint jig. The router bit for the box joints is a twin edge 1/2" flute. Make sure when you cut the box joints that you cut both sides of the joint at the same time. This will ensure that both pieces will fit together properly. You will also need to make a 3/8" groove in the bottom of the case panels for the bottom to fit into. The groove should be about 3/16" deep and 1/2" from the bottom. The inserts are marked to the center of the cut. The cut on the inserts should be about 1/8" wide. When measuring the 17" insert make the measurements from the center of the board because, the outter insert box will not be 2 7/8", it will be 2 3/4". The holes for the handles where made with a 1 1/4" hole saw. When all the cuts have been made glue and clamp the box together with a good wood glue. I did not make any top for the box. That part is up to you.
Bruce Dudek
January 9, 1994

PostScript file

A PostScript file version of this plan is also available. If you want to print it out, I recommend the PostScript version -- the drawing looks a lot nicer in it. The PostScript is what Bruce originally sent me; I made this page by cutting the drawing from a Ghostscript rendering of it. In Mosaic, choose the "Load to Local Disk" option before clicking on the link, so you can save the file where you wish.
Spencer Thomas