Jay Hersh's Gott Cooler Mash Tun

OK many folks are interested in my mash/lauter tun arrangement. It's real simple.

I obtained the following parts for converting a 5 gallon cylindrical Gott (by Rubbermaid) brand water cooler.

  1. 3/8 inch right angle brass fitting. This has 3/8 inch male threads on one side and a 3/8 inch compression fitting on the other.
  2. 6 feet of 3/8 inch copper coil
  3. a 3/8 inch right angle spigot. The kind you find under your sink and in any good hardware store that carries plumbing supplies. It has an oval handle on it, a 3/8 inch female thread and a 3/8 inch compression fitting
  4. a rubber washer to go around the 3/8 inch male threading of (1)
  5. a 6.7 gallon nylon mesh grain bag from a homebrew supply shop

So what you do is first unsrew the spigot in the cylindrical cooler. Cut slots or drill holes every 1/4 inch along the length of the 6 ft copper coil and pinch the end that is in the inside of the coil closed. You put the coil into the compression fitting side of the brass right angle fitting and put the male thread sticking out of the cooler where the original spigot once was so that the copper coil is seated on the bottom of the cooler and the 3/8 male thread sticks out of the cooler. Then you put the washer around the 3/8 inch male thread and screw the right angle spigot onto it. You seat the grain bag in the cooler, and you're done....

a stainless steel collander that sits in the top of the cooler to disperse sparge water is a nice addition to this set up as well.

Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts
Jay Hersh, hersh@x.org

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