Chiller Plans

By Ken Sullivan (

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 14:02:14
Subject: A really cool immersion wort chiller I made

Hi all, Get out your propane torch, copper pipe and pipe cutters! I designed and made a truly great wort chiller! The design uses 50' of 1/2" copper pipe. I started by winding 4 spirals of copper pipe that would just fit into my 5 gallon SS pot. Each of the spirals connects to a manifold pipe for both the water in and water out. For the manifold, I used straight 3/4" copper pipe with tees and end caps. Each manifold has a hose connection. I attached each spiral to sit at a different level in the brew pot, so one sits on the bottom, then another about 2" above that and so on. The top spiral sits just below the top of a 4.5 gallon brew. I have timed the chilling and can easily drop boiling wort to 70F in 10 mins by gently lifting the chiller 1/2" up and down. There is enough space in the center of the spirals to drop in a hop bag for the aroma addition during cooling. Best of all, no solder connections ever come in contact with the wort. To attach the two manifolds and hose connections together, I wrapped copper wire around them numerous times and then soldered the wire to the chiller. One tight custom unit!