Beer Specialty Yeasts

BrewTek CL-90 Belgian Wheat
A top fermenting yeast which produces a soft, bread like flavor and leaves a sweet, mildly estery finish.
BrewTek CL-92 German Wheat
A true, top fermenting Weizenbier yeast. Spicy, clovy and estery. Highly attenuative.
BrewTek CL-94 American Wheat
Offers a smooth, slightly sweet wheat beer, with a full, clean, underattenuated malt flavor.
BrewTek CL-100 Brettanomyces Lambicus
Use to create Belgian Lambic beers. Added after primary fermentation with a regular ale yeast.
Wyeast 3056 Bavarian Weissen Yeast
A 50/50 blend of S. cerevisiae and delbrueckii to produce a south German style wheat beer with cloying sweetness when the beer is fresh. Medium flocculation, apparent attenuation 73-77%. Optimum fermentation temperature: 56 deg. F (13 deg. C). Problematic to get the right flavor, often just produces relatively unattenuated beer, without the clove-like aroma/flavor. Perhaps it's the freshness of the Wyeast #3056 that makes the difference in whether you get the clove-like aroma/flavor or not. Wyeast appears to be selecting a better, "truer" weissen yeast to replace this quirky halfbreed.
Yeast Culture Kit M01
From Bavaria, Germany. VSU: American Wheat?, Dunkel Weizen, German Weizen, Weizenbock. Although the vendor lists American Wheat as a suggested style, it appears to produce too much clove taste for that; however, that does make it excellent for the Bavarian Weizens! After all, it is a Bavarian yeast.
Yeast Lab W51 Bavarian Weizen
This strain produces a classic German style wheat beer, with moderately high, spicy phenolic overtones reminiscent of cloves. Medium attenuation, moderately flocculant. Evidently much more consistent than Wyeast at producing a true Weizen flavor.

Mike Sharp also reports that special lambic cultures (Brettanomyces and Pediococcus) are available from the Yeast Culture Kit Co, even though they were not on the flyer I received. Those interested should call and ask! Be aware that some suppliers may not consider lambic strains to be of wide interest, so ask your favorite supplier. If enough people ask, the supply is bound to increase! Good luck you lambicophiles! I also know that the Sheaf and Vine Homebrew and Mail-Order Emporium is doing its best to acquire these strains and more. For info contact Al at, if your local store is refractory to the idea of selling these strains. I own no stock etc etc.