Welcome to the 1997 Michigan State Fair Homebrew Competition.

The competition is over for this year, and you can get the Winners Circle right here (as an Adobe Acrobat document).

If you don't like Acrobat, you can retrieve the list of winners.

This entry packet contains all the materials and instructions you need to enter your homebrewed beers in the competition.

Entry location and deadline

Beers must be shipped or delivered to arrive between Friday, July 25 and 5PM Friday, August 8, 1997, to
Stephen Klump 
11159 Tremont Ln. 
Plymouth, MI 48170 
or to the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild meeting on August 8 (call Spencer Thomas for details). The entry deadline is firm; beers received after August 8 will not be eligible for competition.


Any Michigan-made, non-commercial, home-produced beer is eligible. Mead and cider may not be entered. You may enter as many beers as you like, but you are limited to one entry per AHA substyle category. Each entry will consist of two (2) bottles of at least 10 ounces (preferably 12 ounces). Brown glass is preferred. Bottles should be unlabeled, and any identifying marks on caps should be blacked out.


Note: forms are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
You should fill out one copy of the Community Arts Entry Form, listing all your entries by class and AHA style. You must include your Social Security Number. Homebrew is Department III, Section 53.

You must fill out one copy of the IRS form W-9.

For each entry, fill out one Entry/Recipe Form. The recipe is optional, and will be printed in the Winners Circle if your beer places first in its class. New: You can fill in the section A and B information using Acrobat Reader 3.0, and then print it.  The relevant information will also be copied to the bottle labels.

Fill out two bottle labels (found on the second page of the Entry/Recipe Form file), and attach one to each bottle with a rubber band around the bottle. Do not use tape or glue.

Write one check for $12, made out to State of Michigan. We cannot accept cash. If you have more than 10 entries, then the check should be written for $12 + $1.50 for each entry above 10.

If you are also entering other Community Arts sections, you must send the Community Arts Entry form, the Form W-9, and your check directly to the Community Arts office by July 15; otherwise you can include them with your beer entries.


Support from our sponsors makes this competition possible. Your entry fee goes to the State Fair, and we get no reimbursement from them for any of our expenses.

1996 sponsors were The Stroh Brewery, Detroit; Arbor Brewing Company, Ann Arbor; G.W. Kent, Ann Arbor; The Traffic Jam, Detroit; and Premier Malt Products, Grosse Pointe.

Entry Classes

Each beer is entered in a State Fair Class, and should also be assigned an AHA (American Homebrewers Association) style category. The AHA style descriptions are attached. The State Fair classes and associated style categories are listed below. WARNING: some AHA numbers have changed from last year.
Class AHA styles Class Name 
5100 5,7 English Pale Ale/Bitter 
5101 6,24 American Ale/Common Beer 
5102 4,8 Brown Ale/Scottish Ale 
5103 18,19 German Style Ale/Wheat 
5104 9 Porter 
5105 11 Stout 
5106 1,10 Strong Ale/Barleywine 
5107 2,3 Belgian Ale/Lambic 
5108 14,15,16 Light Lager 
5109 13,17 Amber/Dark Lager 
5110 12 Bock 
5111 21 Fruit Beer 
5112 20,22,23 Specialty Beer 


Beers will be judged according to the assigned AHA style designation. The attached style descriptions will be used by the judges to determine how closely your beer matches the style. Thus, it is extremely important that you choose the style that your beer most closely matches. In addition, beers are judged on overall quality.

The BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) 50 point scale will be used for judging, with 25 points required for award eligibility.

First-round judging will take place between August 9 and August 20. Those interested in participating in judging should contact the Judge Director, Len Lescosky, at 313-747-6274. If you have never judged, but are intersted, you can still help, by acting as a steward.

The Best-of-Show judging and Awards Presentation will take place at 4pm, August 23, in the Community Arts Exhibit Hall contest area. Best of Show winner will receive an engraved carboy and a free entry to the AHA National Homebrew Competition. First through third place winners in each class receive engraved mugs and ribbons. Fourth place and Honorable Mention winners receive ribbons. Honorable Mention is awarded to beers scoring 35 points or higher, but not placing in the top 4.

Judging results and prizes will be mailed to entrants following the Best-of-Show judging, or may be picked up immediately after the Awards Presentation.


Questions regarding entries, styles, and class should be directed to Spencer Thomas (Competition Director) at 313-994-0072, spencer@umich.edu; or Stephen Klump (Registrar), 313-207-7570.

This competition is sanctioned by the American Homebrews Association.