The Basic 4 in 1 Pattern

NOTE: All images copyright 1992 by John J. Palmer

Part 1- Building the Ring Assembly

Step 1: The basic ring can either be single or double split. Attach two rings to the first. This is the ring assembly. Mass produce these for later use.

Part 2- Building the Chains

Step 2: Attach two ring assemblies to a single ring to begin the chain.

Step 3: Fold out the two side rings and flip the middle ring over. Note the interlink pattern.

Step 4: Attach another ring assembly to the middle ring.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3. Remember to keep flipping the middle rings in the same direction.

Step 6: Add more ring assemblies until the chain is the desired length (ex. 20 ring assemblies per chain).

Step 7: When the chain is the desired length, flip the bottom ring to match the others.

Step 8: Make several chains in preparation for assembly of a section of chainmail.

Part 3- Assembling the Chains

Step 9: Lay two chains side by side, such that the facing sides are at opposing angles. Note up/down interlink pattern.

Step 10: To attach the chains, open one side ring (A), and thread it thru the two opposite (B & C), noting the pattern.

Step 11: Attach the next ring (D) the same way to (C) & (E). The first few are visually confusing, check the interlink pattern.

Step 12: Once started, the pattern emerges, and further chains or sections can be added to make the mail.

NOTE: The above piece of mail has the chains oriented vertically which lets the structure hang more open for easy assembly. When actually wearing the mail, it is better to rotate the section 90, so that the weight of the mail draws the rings together, allowing some freedom of movement through the girth.

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