The Impenetrable 6 in 1 Pattern

NOTE: All images are copyright 1993 by John J. Palmer

Part 1- Starting the 6-in-1 Pattern

Step 1
The starting assembly is similar to that of the 4-in-1 pattern, with the exception of the two rings in the center. Hold on to the top ring at the area indicated for the next step.

Step 2
Allow the two upper side rings to fall to the sides and flip the lower ring assembly as indicated.

Step 3
Spread the starting assembly in the arrangement shown above and identify the first ring with a paper clip or piece of string and/or a radioactive tracer. The apprentice will note that the paper clip in the above drawing is shown without the radioactive tracer.
(It would glow)

Part 2- Building the Chains

Step 4
Attach a basic three ring assembly to the bottom ring and flip it as shown in Step 2. This is identical to the 4-in-1 pattern.Step 5: Repeat Step 3. Remember to keep flipping the middle rings in the same direction.

Step 5
The apprentice should note the gaps between the white rings at the arrows. The upper center ring must be opened and slipped through the lower adjacent side rings. Note how this completes the 6-in-1 pattern for the center ring. Continue adding ring assemblies in the above manner until the desired length is reached.

Part 3 Attaching the Chains

Step 6
Attaching the two chains is identical to the 4-in-1 attachment process, with the addition of an extra attachment shown in the following steps.

Step 7
With the side rings attached as shown, note in the black square, and subsequent sites, that the center ring is not attached on the upper right side. The right side ring should be going over the upper middle ring and under the lower middle ring like its neighbor to the left. This attachment is most easily viewed and completed by turning the piece over as shown in the following illustration.

Step 8
With the piece turned over, the attachment sites are more accessible. With the attachments made, as shown in the square, the linkage is symmetrical and complete. Make your armor!

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