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Around 1991, I began making chainmail armor and developed some illustrations to show how it can be done. At the time, there was not much else out there, the web was in its infancy. Since then, there have arisen several armoring pages with some really nice graphics. My pages are rather simple, but I think they do the best job of showing how to make the chain patterns, expecially the 6 in 1 pattern. Here is an image of a 6-in-1 pattern made from 100 1/2 inch nickel plated split rings. It laughs at crossbow quarrels.

Here are the pages, the first is a rather lengthy introduction with infomation on history and how to form rings out of wire. the next two groups of pages show how to assemble the two different weaves.

My Armor pages:

  • Apprentices Guide to Chainmail Armor
  • 4-in-1 Weave
  • 6-in-1 Weave
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  • Sara Trice's Chain Mail Armor Links Page
    Sara has compiled a Commendable list of Armoring Resources.
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